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Coface launches an innovative offering for SMEs: EasyLiner, a simple on-line solution to protect against unpaid invoices

Coface has developed a tailored SME offering with two aims in mind: protection and ac-cessibility. EasyLiner provides quality cover adapted to the needs of SMEs, as well as an easy subscription process, leaving businessmen free to concentrate on their core business.

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Country risk and economic studies

Country risk assessments : United States one of best risks whilst major emerging economies struggle

The upturn in the advanced economies (1.9% forecast for 2014, after 1.2% in 2013) is reflected in the upwards revision of the country risk assessments for the United Kingdom and the United States, which join the best risk category.

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Country risk and economic studies

China sees highest level of corporate overdue payments since 2010

Coface’s survey of corporate credit risk management in China, carried out in the fourth quarter of 2013, revealed that 8 out of 10 companies in China experienced overdue payments in 2013. The chemical, industrial machinery and household electric & electronic appliances sectors are at higher risk. Since credit facilities will remain tight in 2014, a deterioration in corporate payments could lead to a significant ripple effect in China’s shadow banking market.

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2013 Annual results

Good commercial dynamics and improvement in the loss ratio

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