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The innovation and competitiveness of Spanish industry

Join us for our webinar featuring Xavier Ferrás, Professor in the Department of Operations Management, Innovation and Data Sciences from ESADE. 


The event will be held in Spanish.


Sector risk developments following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

We will analyse the situation for sector risk in both Spain and its the main export destinations in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the outlook for the coming months.


Taking part in the event are Bruno de Moura Fernandes, Coface Economist, and Mikel Aguirre, Head of Political and Single Risk at Coface.


The event will take place in Spanish. 


What can we expect from the Spanish economy in 2022?

Join us for an analysis of the current situation of the Spanish economy, as well as our forecasts for the coming year, with Jose a María O'Kean, Professor of Economics at the Universidad Pablo de Olavide.


The event will be held in Spanish. 

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