Leverage our expertise for better risk management

Our experts work alongside our clients to help manage the risks of their commercial portfolio no matter the size of their company or industry.

Our employees are leading experts in risk prevention and coverage, indemnification and collection. Expertise provided to our clients through a comprehensive range of solutions to help our clients: credit insurance, single risk insurance, factoring, bonds and business information.

Our goal is to give you reliable and fresh information so you can identify the risks of non-payment for your commercial transactions, assess them dynamically and protect yourself.

A leader in Trade Credit Insurance

  • Our core business for over 75 years
  • Protect your trade receivables against the risk of non-payment by one of your business strategy
  • Use a decision-support tool to drive your business strategy
  • Coface indemnifies you in the event of non-payment and initiates the collection process
  • Cover your commercial and political risks for complex and one-off transactions for a minimum of €5M, with our Single Risk solution
A screen showing URBA360, the Coface tool a handy business-risk analysis tool, giving access key indicators to evaluate businesses quickly. The screen shows risk assessment diagrams.

Business information: Unique data to take better decisions

  • Insights about your business partners 
    Up-to-date and in-depth insights to better assess your current and potential business partners, suppliers and buyers.
  • Data-driven risk mitigation
    Optimise your business development strategy or accept new partners based on the best payment terms.
  • Decision-making support
    We measure your partners’ risk exposure and provide you with monitoring and warning tools.
  • Assess any company in one click
    With URBA360, a handy business-risk analysis tool, access key indicators to assess businesses quickly.

Debt Collection: Limit your losses with our solution

Coface International Debt Collection specialises in effective and efficient, stress-free debt recovery:

  • Coface provides a fast and efficient debt collection service whether you are insured or not.
  • Benefit from the assistance of experts dedicated to collection and indemnification from our network of international partners.

Additional services


•  Grant your customers a payment term while obtaining liquidity quickly.

•  Sell your trade receivables** to Coface so you can finance your customer accounts and optimise your cashflow management.


**Service available in Germany and Poland (as of January 1, 2023)

Surety Bonds

•  Reassure your business partners or access new markets.

•  Coface issues contract*, environmental and administrative surety bonds (tax or customs) or for regulated professions.


*Offer available in the following countries (as of January 1, 2023): Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, France and Romania.

4 good reasons to choose us

Historical know-how recognized by many clients, international expertise and a unique database: these are the reasons why Coface is a global leader in risk management.

  • +75years of experience
  • 100kclient companies
  • ~200markets where we operate
  • 195mcompanies listed in our database

Our innovative solutions

Credit Management tool

Our secure online platform means it’s easy to manage your policy from A to Z. With CofaNet Essentials, you:

• Access information about your business partners

• Manage your client portfolio

• Manage your guarantee requests

• Report your unpaid debts

• Keep track of your claims


CofaNet also performs debtor risk evaluations and offers export features with the potential for more in-depth research.


And with the CofaMove mobile app, you can access CofaNet Essentials wherever you are and whenever you want.

Coface API portal

Discover a game-changing asset for more efficient credit management.
Coface API portal opens doors to seamless integration of Coface's powerful API solutions into your existing applications. 


 • Elevate risk management, enhance credit decisions, and fortify financial strategies effortlessly. 

 • Maximize efficiency, minimize risk: Coface API Portal is your strategic ally for a robust, data-driven approach to credit management. 

 • Revolutionize your processes today for a more secure and prosperous financial future.


   > Visit Coface API Portal

Coface Dashboard

Coface Dashboard is our business intelligence tool that provides you with interactive reports to facilitate:


 • Reporting and performance tracking

 • Producing analyses ranging from macro trends to individual changes

 • Identifying consolidated risks for groups of buyers

 • Managing your programme, in particular by supporting your decisions, and customising the features of the tool and the risk transfer parameters

 • The credit risk governance in your group

Why should you opt for Coface risk management?

Our mission: to support companies in their development by protecting them against the risks of non-payment which should not be underestimated.

  • 80%of companies are faced with unpaid debts
  • 25%of bankruptcy filings are due to these unpaid debts
  • 10kcredit decisions taken by Coface every day
  • ~400risk experts in Coface

Access all Coface's economic intelligence

Coface also boasts proven expertise in the field of economic research, undertaking micro and macro-economic studies as well as risk analyses by country, sector and company, etc.

A number of publications are available to help you assess your risks more effectively and take the right decisions at the right time.

See our economic publications