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Do business and reassure your partners

Four good reasons to choose our bonds

  • Reassure your partners as to your ability to meet your commitments
  • Gain access to special and regulated markets
  • Qualify to bid on a request for proposals
  • Maintain your borrowing capacity with your bank or your cash position by postponing a payment through a customs bond
Trust and obtaining rights in some activities are key means of doing business.

Whether it involves bidding on requests for proposals, importing, exporting or performing certain transactions, companies are in need of guarantees.


Coface helps you to win contracts by offering a line of special bonds divided into two main groups:

  • contract bonds;
  • customs and excise bonds.

Delivering a valuable solution…

Delivering a valuable solution…

A construction company has won a contract to renovate a shopping centre. The centre’s owner has requested a guarantee retention bond of 5% of the amount, guaranteeing the proper execution of the work and assumption of responsibility for all repairs and finishing work.


Earlier, Coface had signed a Bonding Agreement with the construction firm, and will therefore provide the bond. The construction firm is therefore certain of being paid the full contractual amount and not to have to put up this bond itself. It thereby preserves its working capital and can focus on the investments needed to purchase equipment and pay its workers.


If the bond is called, Coface will advance the amount stipulated in the guarantee agreement to the company that owns the shopping centre.


Specifically, following the signature of an agreement, Coface establishes a line of contract bonds subdivided into sub-lines: advance payment bond, subcontractor payment bond, completion bond and guarantee retention bond, that are used as needed for contracts entered into by the construction company.

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