2024 Country Risk Conference - Geopolitical instability back in the spotlight: what is the impact on investment decisions?

This economic conference addresses a series of geopolitical challenges and dynamics shaping the current global landscape. Among these, the continuing stalemate of the conflict in Ukraine, rising tensions in the Middle East and the continued expansion of the BRICS play a central role.

These events are contributing to a perception that history is returning, while the world is recomposing itself at an accelerating pace. In the background, there is a growing challenge to traditional Western values and escalating tensions between the USA and China, raising crucial questions for investors.

With 2024 shaping up to be a pivotal year, marked by 35 presidential elections around the world, including those in Taiwan in January and the USA in November, investors are faced with decisive strategic choices. The question of how to position oneself in such a complex geopolitical context is paramount. Conference speakers Valerie Baudson from Amundi, Guillaume Callonico from the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Alexis Crow from PwC and Thomas Gomart from the Institut français des relations internationales (IFRI) bring their expertise to bear on this issue.

Discussions at the conference aim to identify regions and countries that offer promising investment opportunities in this ever-changing geopolitical climate. The contributions of various experts will assess the risks and opportunities associated with each regional context, as well as the strategies to be adopted to navigate an increasingly complex and interconnected global economic environment.