Coface uses blockchain to certify its press releases and financial communications

Discover how Coface leverages blockchain technology to certify its press releases and financial communications, ensuring transparency and security.

Coface is now using Wiztrust, the information certification platform designed by Wiztopic, to secure its communications.


This solution, used in the financial sector and by many listed companies, helps certify content (e.g. press releases, financial reports, etc.) by registering it in a blockchain. The technology allows all stakeholders – notably journalists, investors, and analysts – to verify the authenticity of a piece of information before relaying or using it. This system has been implemented to address the growing problem of "fake financial news," which has seen a drastic rise recently, facilitated by an increased number of information sources and an increased usage speed.


How does it work?

Upon receiving a press release or financial publication, the recipient can now easily check that Coface is the true issuer of the information by uploading the PDF document to the website.