Webinar on-demand: Make Predicting and Preventing Supply Chain Failures Your Next Superpower

A global pandemic and ongoing geopolitical turmoil are forcing companies to rewrite their playbook when it comes to supply chain risk management.

Webinar Description


A fluid macro-economic environment is pushing risk managers to significantly upgrade their supply chain risk management knowledge and skills. Vetting vendors and using technology to identify supply chain weaknesses is now a must for most organizations.


This webinar will explore how a global pandemic, geopolitical turmoil and other factors have made the science of predicting and preventing supply chain failures so much more complicated.


The webinar panel will dig into which tools and approaches are needed to succeed in today’s environment. Harvesting meaningful data which will enable risk managers to examine and strengthen both global and regional supply chains is a key linchpin in this discipline.


The panel will feature experts from Coface and Macsteel, who bring real world experience to the art and science of managing significant supply chain risks. The upside is that doing so will help organizations unlock market growth opportunities through the use of innovative risk data and insights.


This webinar is on-demand and can we rewatched anytime.




Who should attend this webinar?

  • Risk managers
  • Procurement officers
  • Chief Financial officers
  • Operations managers
  • Technology executives