Why is Trade Credit Insurance a necessity for VSBs nowadays?

As very small businesses (VSBs) are less equipped with credit risk management services, they are more exposed to the risk of insolvencies. Find out how EasyLiner's ready-to-use credit insurance protects your VSB from non-payment and bankruptcy of a business partner.

When late payments accumulate and debts are difficult to collect, non-payment and the insolvency of a business partner can quickly and severely undermine the cash flow of very small businesses.

  • Why is it essential for very small businesses to take out trade credit insurance?
  • What are Coface's trade credit insurance solutions dedicated to VSBs?

VSBs are more exposed financially to the shock of an unpaid invoice. With 100% online access, EasyLiner solutions are easy to manage and offer comprehensive and fully included services of prevention, indemnification, amicable and legal collection

Patrice LUSCAN, Group Marketing Director, explains how EasyLiner, the all-inclusive online credit insurance, secures your VSE's growth.

Why do VSBs absolutely need A Credit Insurance? - click to watch video-

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