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Coface SA publishes its 2019 Universal Registration Document

Registration document including the Financial report.

The Universal Registration Document of COFACE SA for 2019 (Document d’enregistrement universel 2019 in French) was filed with the French financial markets authority (Autorité des marchés financiers - AMF) on 16th April 2020 under the number D.20-0302.

Copies of the 2019 Universal Registration Document are available free of charge at COFACE SA, 1 Place Costes et Bellonte, 92270 Bois-Colombes, France as well as on the website.

The 2019 Universal Registration Document includes the following information:

• The 2019 Annual financial report; • The Report on corporate governance (attached to the management report);

• The Statutory Auditors’ reports and the news release concerning their fees;

• The description of the share buyback program;

• The draft resolutions submitted to the vote of the Combined Shareholders’ Meeting of 14th May 2020;

• The Non-Financial Performance Statement.

COFACE SA specifies that the Universal Registration Document contains a paragraph providing an update on the coronavirus crisis and its potential consequences for company.


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