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With Coface, trade in total confidence

Watch the video to see why choosing Coface ensures peace of mind, whatever the circumstances.

Our group has been one of the world leaders in credit insurance for nearly 70 years. Our mission is to provide businesses with solutions to protect themselves against the risk that their debtors default on payments, whether in their domestic or export markets.

As an expert in trade risks, we make our macro and microeconomic analysis, business evaluation and credit risk prevention expertise available to our customers. We are able to count on unique know-how for the acquisition and management of information on 65 million businesses and their environments worldwide - essential for analysing and monitoring debtor risks for both our customers and our 370 underwriters responsible for risk assessment. Our customers also benefit from our extensive experience in debt management and collection through a comprehensive range of services.

Nearly 37,000 businesses worldwide already trust Coface to insure their credit risks, for complete peace of mind. How about you?


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